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The Simple Mathematics of Happiness

Add appreciation and gratitude to your every day. Enhance the world around you with your smile. Smiling creates endorphins which send feel good messages to the brain. It’s healing to you and those who receive it. Subtract any grudges you’ve been holding on to. For they reside within you. The only person you hurt is [...]

The Power of Changing Your Thoughts

Your thoughts and beliefs will become your reality. Did you know that the main difference between where you are today and where you’ll be in 5 years are the thoughts you think and the people you’re around. So, you can drastically change your life by simply surrounding yourself with positive people and by thinking positive [...]

Why Don’t We Fail If it Brings Success?

Everybody including me does not like to fail at anything. We all want to be the best. We all want to be successful. We don’t like failure, yet we like the opposite. This may seem confusing but there’s a saying that I like. “Those who’ve never meet failure are those who’ve never done anything.” Failure [...]

Self Talk and Attitude

Here’s a quick quiz question for you. What controls your attitude? Here are a few clues for you. It has nothing to do with your clothing selection, haircut, choice of automobiles, bank account balance, or whether your house is cleaned up and orderly. Those kind of externalities may have an occasional, temporary impact on your [...]

Your Talents Are Your Gifts

I never knew how important it was to truly define what you’re good at. I knew that I was always good in school and had a variety of interests but there were always too many choices. That question we are always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” seems to spark confusion and [...]

Knowledge Is Only Potential Power

Whether you want to make a living online, or just want some extra spending money, you’ll need the resources that will give you the knowledge you need to be successful. But, you’re not home free Although success requires knowledge, that by itself won’t get you much more than the envy of your friends at the [...]