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How to Do and Find Guided Imagery Exercises

Guided imagery exercises are a great way to tap into the powers of your mind. Using these exercises you can create a feeling of relaxation, increase your creativity, and even go to inner places that make you feel more protected, powerful, or wealthy, just to name a few possibilities. 2 Ways To Do Guided Imagery [...]

Discover the Benefits of Famous Inspirational Quotes

The benefits of famous inspirational quotes may be unknown to most of us. Indeed, many of us may just browse through them on the Internet as a source of cheap, available entertainment to while away those few annoying minutes until heading out to lunch. However, the real benefit of famous inspirational quotes is for those [...]

Inspiration – Five Techniques to Finding Yours

Everyday life is often busy–overwhelming with pressures and demands. Daily chores and deadlines can leave little time for finding the motivation and inspiration you need to get through the day and make each moment of it a pleasant one. After time, this lifestyle takes a toll–sapping your drive, focus and even the capacity to set [...]

Find Inspiring Friends Today

We all want to be somebody and we all want to know those people who inspire us into thinking we can achieve greatness. The world truly is our oyster and we can do all things, but one of the greatest limitations or benefits is the people of whom we surround ourselves with. Our friendships is [...]

Inspiration & Motivation – Similar But Different

One of my favorite movies of all time, Jerry Maguire, features Tom Cruise as an agent with a major sports management firm. He’s enthusiastic, successful, a great negotiator and people like him. But it begins to dawn on Jerry that there’s something wrong with what he’s doing, and not long after a troubling encounter with [...]

How to Carry Around the Right Attitude For Your Marriage

Did you know that your attitude in life could make or break your marriage? It’s true. Your attitude tells you what to do in certain situations and how to behave with certain issues in your marriage. Are you carrying around the right attitude for your marriage? This article will explore the top five reasons why [...]

Shine Out Your Idea

Shine out your ideal before it fizzles out of existence; make it real brighten out to your world. Had a bright idea lately? Great! Your amazing mind is doing just fine. However, here’s the question that makes the difference between a bright idea that grows dim and a bright idea that shines. After you got [...]

How Far Would You Go?

We watched recently as Stephen Colbert, host of the popular Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, went farther than most people could to make a connection with others. He traveled all the way to Iraq to entertain the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. For an entire week The Colbert Report was [...]