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Corporate Retreats: Key to a Healthy Mind and Body in the Workplace

A corporate retreat is an excellent opportunity for any business – from conferences to workshops, or simply for escapism of the hectic, stressful nature of the workplace. A crucial advantage, however, is that relationships and communication are maintained amongst employees/employers which allows for solid team bonding. Corporate retreats will not only benefit people’s lives, but [...]

Stress Reduce – The Triangle Way

We all have one problem in common – exposure to daily stress. Don’t give in to stress. Reduce it the triangle way. Whether it’s stress in the family, finances, or lack of personal success, stress effects health and can lead to serious physical and mental health consequences. Where is the worst place for stress? It [...]

Stress Management – The Diet Route!

Since stress is considered more of a psychological issue, not many are aware that diet can play a significant role in stress management. Certain kinds of foods magnify the physical symptoms of stress while others alleviate physical manifestations of stress. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science, states that the food that we eat has a [...]

Awakening to Mind and Body Wellness

We all know that mind and body wellness requires a good health regimen. Appropriate diet, adequate exercise and sufficient sleep contribute highly to our being of sound mind and body. Plus, we are living in a time of advancement for developing one’s inner awareness toward spiritual fitness and growth. This spiritual awareness begins the process [...]

Dealing With Stress Before it Kills You

One of the first steps in dealing with stress is to identify and acknowledge its existence in your life. By recognizing the symptoms of stress you may have you will more likely take the necessary action needed to control it. Signs such as irritability, fatigue, depression, or even lack of enthusiasm are stress signals you [...]

Healthy Mind And Healthy Skin

Distress If you are stressed, your skin will take the toll. Skin problems like pimples and acnes can be caused by stress. Do the stress-releasing things that work for you. It might be a hot bath, a walk in the park, a visit to the seaside, etc. You can even go to a quiet place [...]

Controlling Stress and Anxiety

There’s no question that stress, and frequently anxiety, affects everyone regardless of age, sex, background, career, etc. And, oftentimes it’s easy to blame stress on external factors such as the annoying coworker, work overload, the slow driver in front of you or anything else that will absolve you of responsibility. But, let’s face it — you play [...]