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Meditation – The Key to a Stress-Free Life

Meditation is like restarting a computer system. Scientists say that a single man’s brain is similar to that of a library that can store information. Just like a computer hard drive, one’s brain needs to recharge. What Is Meditation? “Meditation” comes from two Latin words: “meditari, ” which means to think, and “mederi, ” which [...]

Stress – Impact on the Mind and Body

Stress leads to physical and or mental tension. If stress becomes unrelenting and chronic it is a major factor in causing disease. The stress reaction involves the whole body. Organs and systems are constantly on the alert and physically prepared to respond to the stressor – even when you are sitting behind a desk or [...]

Increase Your Peace

Peace, Every day. Everyday stresses, everyday. This is now the world of 8am to 6pm, the days of the 9-5 fading quickly into obscure parental references from days gone by like so many antiquated table manners. Is it really so long ago that an average American family ate meals together? At a dinner table? With [...]

A Comfortable State of Mind and Body

Yoga Guru Patanjali has defined Yoga as a ‘steady and comfortable state of Mind and Body’. And, a comfortable and steady state of body and mind is precisely what practising yoga delivers. Other forms of exercise increase the strain on body muscles, as well as, the requirement for blood and oxygen. But, Yoga ‘asanas’ or [...]

Is Knowledge Power?

We have all heard the term, “Knowledge Is Power.” The term in fact is very true, the more knowledge that you can acquire, the more you open yourself to opportunities that did not exist in your life. But there is one big problem with this power of knowledge. The biggest problem with “Knowledge Is Power” [...]