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Optimism Must Start With You!

Leave Your Pessimism and Everybody Else’s At the Door Pessimism is rampant. We are not receiving uplifting news. I remember hearing a high level Senator say recently that we ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs today. What? We ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs! How is that something to be happy about? This is the pessimistic attitude! I mean, [...]

The Foundations of a Healthy Mind

We all understand how we get a healthy body, don’t we? We know we need to make sure to eat healthily, exercise regularly and cut down on bad habits such as drinking and smoking; however, building a healthy mind is less understood. Furthermore, many people do not even consider the importance of having a healthy [...]

When Opportunity Knocks – What Will You Do?

Are you ready for the moment opportunity comes knocking at your door? Will you be prepared to take full advantage of such a gem? The truth is that most individuals completely miss the boat on the concept of opportunity. This is largely because we are conditioned to believe that opportunities are created separate from us [...]

Our Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Have you tried to change a bad habit, or try to motivate yourself, only to find out something deep inside your mind resisting? A basic law of the mind is working here: whenever the conscious and subconscious mind is at odds, your subconscious usually wins. This is the law of conflict. People usually change their [...]