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Dealing With Anxiety, Fear and Panic

Worrying about money, being anxious about job security, worrying about children, fearful of personal security, feeling inadequate – these are the things that occupy the normal mind. Unfortunately, psychology has proven time and time again that the normal mind is plagued by negative thought. This negativity is formed in the subconscious – that part of [...]

The Foundations of a Healthy Mind

We all understand how we get a healthy body, don’t we? We know we need to make sure to eat healthily, exercise regularly and cut down on bad habits such as drinking and smoking; however, building a healthy mind is less understood. Furthermore, many people do not even consider the importance of having a healthy [...]

Our Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Have you tried to change a bad habit, or try to motivate yourself, only to find out something deep inside your mind resisting? A basic law of the mind is working here: whenever the conscious and subconscious mind is at odds, your subconscious usually wins. This is the law of conflict. People usually change their [...]

The Psychological Component to Options Trading

Succeeding with options is not always the easiest thing to achieve. Sure, there are some that have made a great success in their ventures into the world of options trading. These people are among those that many will look towards as inspiration for their options trading adventures. Then, there will be those that will look [...]

Meditation – The Key to a Stress-Free Life

Meditation is like restarting a computer system. Scientists say that a single man’s brain is similar to that of a library that can store information. Just like a computer hard drive, one’s brain needs to recharge. What Is Meditation? “Meditation” comes from two Latin words: “meditari, ” which means to think, and “mederi, ” which [...]

Stress – Impact on the Mind and Body

Stress leads to physical and or mental tension. If stress becomes unrelenting and chronic it is a major factor in causing disease. The stress reaction involves the whole body. Organs and systems are constantly on the alert and physically prepared to respond to the stressor – even when you are sitting behind a desk or [...]

Corporate Retreats: Key to a Healthy Mind and Body in the Workplace

A corporate retreat is an excellent opportunity for any business – from conferences to workshops, or simply for escapism of the hectic, stressful nature of the workplace. A crucial advantage, however, is that relationships and communication are maintained amongst employees/employers which allows for solid team bonding. Corporate retreats will not only benefit people’s lives, but [...]

Awakening to Mind and Body Wellness

We all know that mind and body wellness requires a good health regimen. Appropriate diet, adequate exercise and sufficient sleep contribute highly to our being of sound mind and body. Plus, we are living in a time of advancement for developing one’s inner awareness toward spiritual fitness and growth. This spiritual awareness begins the process [...]