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Five Reasons Why People Lose Their Spark

1. Disappointment with God So many have a wrong understanding of God`s plan for us and we therefore become disappointed as a result. Their prayer life is full of unanswered requests and they fail to appreciate the wider aspect of this discipline, which is primarily about a relationship with Him. This involves both talking and [...]

Is Knowledge Power?

We have all heard the term, “Knowledge Is Power.” The term in fact is very true, the more knowledge that you can acquire, the more you open yourself to opportunities that did not exist in your life. But there is one big problem with this power of knowledge. The biggest problem with “Knowledge Is Power” [...]

Shine Out Your Idea

Shine out your ideal before it fizzles out of existence; make it real brighten out to your world. Had a bright idea lately? Great! Your amazing mind is doing just fine. However, here’s the question that makes the difference between a bright idea that grows dim and a bright idea that shines. After you got [...]

Self Talk and Attitude

Here’s a quick quiz question for you. What controls your attitude? Here are a few clues for you. It has nothing to do with your clothing selection, haircut, choice of automobiles, bank account balance, or whether your house is cleaned up and orderly. Those kind of externalities may have an occasional, temporary impact on your [...]

Your Talents Are Your Gifts

I never knew how important it was to truly define what you’re good at. I knew that I was always good in school and had a variety of interests but there were always too many choices. That question we are always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” seems to spark confusion and [...]

Knowledge Is Only Potential Power

Whether you want to make a living online, or just want some extra spending money, you’ll need the resources that will give you the knowledge you need to be successful. But, you’re not home free Although success requires knowledge, that by itself won’t get you much more than the envy of your friends at the [...]

Brain Training Exercise

Leaving the health of your brain to chance is to be discouraged, this is one reason you need to train and exercise it in order to harness its true potentials and worth. You must have come across and equally heard of various types of exercises, but that of brain training exercise… PHEW! this is totally [...]

Sources Of Knowledge – How To Gain Knowledge In Any Field

We all continually learn new things in life. Constantly increasing our knowledge is essential if we are to progress further or develop ourselves. Whatever field we are involved in, we always have to look for ways and means to expand our knowledge. Increase in knowledge in a particular subject can lead to better understanding, grasp, [...]