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“Think and Grow Rich” Success

In the world famous book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill studied the attitudes and traits of the most successful people of his time. The principles of success which Hill pointed out in his work are still as important today as they were when they were first written. Anyone can apply the principles outlined in [...]

Motivation – Keeping Your Visions Visual Will Keep You Focused on Your Business Goals

As an entrepreneur, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur, it is often easy to lose sight of your visions and goals for your business. You get hung up on the day to day running of your business and it is easy to become complacent or static. One of the best investments you can make [...]

When Opportunity Knocks – What Will You Do?

Are you ready for the moment opportunity comes knocking at your door? Will you be prepared to take full advantage of such a gem? The truth is that most individuals completely miss the boat on the concept of opportunity. This is largely because we are conditioned to believe that opportunities are created separate from us [...]

Stop Apologizing For Your Success

Do you often apologize for the fact that you’re successful in something? You should try to establish why. We all have an inborn the drive to succeed – and on a planet with around six billion people, the odds of being successful in anything are quite stacked. If you are successful, you have every reason [...]

The Four D’s of Success

Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny are 4 of the most powerful steps you can take to create success. It’s a process that is asset based. In other words it’s about looking at who are you and what you have to offer using a positive approach and then building on that to create success in your [...]

How Far Would You Go?

We watched recently as Stephen Colbert, host of the popular Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, went farther than most people could to make a connection with others. He traveled all the way to Iraq to entertain the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. For an entire week The Colbert Report was [...]

Do You ‘Deserve’ to Succeed?

As a coach who helps people ‘renew their minds and live their words’ I recently came across someone who said they really wanted to achieve their goals but actually had very low motivation for achieving them. And he didn’t know why. Is this you? If so, read on. Now, given the name of this article [...]

Strategies For Promoting On A Budget

A home based business can cause great financial pain especially in the beginning before you have developed a solid following. It is important that you carefully watch and monitor your finances to ensure that your business remains profitable. During this time it can be hard to effectively advertise your products or services since you have [...]