Awakening to Mind and Body Wellness


We all know that mind and body wellness requires a good health regimen. Appropriate diet, adequate exercise and sufficient sleep contribute highly to our being of sound mind and body.

Plus, we are living in a time of advancement for developing one’s inner awareness toward spiritual fitness and growth. This spiritual awareness begins the process of discovering our own being and joining our spirit with our physical body.

Absent unforeseen circumstances, there is no real magic to being of sound mind and body. Healing of the mind and body begins about as close to home as you can get–right in your own mind.

Certain people have traveled the world over in the quest for happiness. As each journey merges into the next, they lose a little part of themselves, becoming more lost than before. What these people fail to realize is that wellness is not a place we visit, but rather a destination of itself, which we create through choices created by our body, mind and soul.

Many individuals go to great efforts to achieve a youthful or healthy body. Others are driven by a desire to make a lot of money, sacrificing relationships or self-importance in the process. Money, beauty and extravagance can benefit us, of course. But the real source for finding true well being we already have right here in our own mind.

Western medical circles are finally catching up with what eastern culture has known for years–that the mind plays a massive role in our mind and body wellness and wholeness. The entire formula for being of sound mind and body links the mind, body and spirit together to create balance and peace of mind.

All we need to do is learn to quiet our minds to gain some kind of control over our thoughts. Easier said than done, for sure! How can you possibly calm a mind that’s running rampant? Especially, when we don’t even ask to think. Thoughts come to us on their own, sometimes in torrents. Controlling these thoughts is indeed a task.

When most people approach the idea of learning to gain some sort of control over their minds, they become fearful and reluctant. Why is it so hard to be in command of your thoughts? Mostly because thoughts occur on many levels and the more you try to put the breaks on your thoughts, the more the mind decides to throw some more thoughts your way.

Our minds are quite adapt at conjuring up more and more things to worry about. Since our thoughts create our feelings, all this runaway, meaningless chatter leads to anxiety, frustration and defeat unless we find a way to control our thoughts before they control us.

There are many different types of therapy for healing the mind and body, such as visualization, hypnosis, meditation and relaxation techniques. Before starting on a particular course of action, decide which ones are most appealing to you.

Taking time out to seek the right tools to empower ourselves and for healing our mind and body will reap rewards. Just taking one small step at a time toward mind and body wellness will go a long way in enhancing and enriching the quality of our lives.

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