Healthy Mind And Healthy Skin


If you are stressed, your skin will take the toll. Skin problems like pimples and acnes can be caused by stress. Do the stress-releasing things that work for you. It might be a hot bath, a walk in the park, a visit to the seaside, etc. You can even go to a quiet place and shout out loud your complaints and problems.

Ball Games

If you are living in a crowded city and do not have the luxury of shouting into an open space without being considered as crazy, try taking up sport, if you haven’t yet. Doing exercise regularly not only helps you keep fit but it also gives you the feel good endorphin for your brain. You might especially like to pick up racket games like squash and tennis and release all your discontent by hitting hard on the ball. Just be aware in the case of squash, when you hit the ball hard, it will bounce back hard. Do not let the ball hit yourself.

Time for Yourself

Too many people are too busy with work, with their family and with friends that they hardly have time for themselves. I cannot stress enough the importance to keep sometime for yourself to be alone and do whatever you like best. You might just want to sit next to the window and read a book or just watch a movie. Incorporate this private time of yours into your weekly life.

Anti-depression Food

You can also eat more “happy” food. Food which contains omega 3 fatty acids can lift-up your mood and it is scientifically proven. Depression patients reported improved condition after taking omega 3 regularly. There are so many different types of omega 3 in tablets and liquid food supplements. Omega-3 is also plentiful in fish, walnuts, molasses, sugar beets, etc. Apart from improving your mood, it also helps in reducing your cholesterol and preventing heart diseases.

Unconscious Mind Communication

Have you ever communicated to your unconscious mind? Yes, this is communicating with your own self. Most of the time, we are only aware of our conscious mind but our internal (or unconscious) minds are our true self. There are so many people work hard trying to get what they want in life. When they got what they thought they wanted, they find that it is not what they really want. Communicating with your unconscious mind can help you know yourself better and be healthier.

Sleeping Time

The time before you go to sleep is the best time for the communication. Make use of this quiet and peaceful time for a healthy mind and it also helps you to sleep better. Sleeping is crucially important in the fight against aging.

Tonight when you go to sleep, try and practice this:

1. Settle into a sleeping position that you feel most comfortable.

2. Regulate your breathing. Drawing in deep breath and breathing out slowly.

3. Praise and thank your unconscious mind in your mind of what you have achieved during the day.

4. Tell your unconscious mind it is time to sleep.

5. If you want you can tell your unconscious mind your wish for tomorrow. For example, if you want to be happier, you can tell your unconscious mind that when you wake up tomorrow you will be luckier and happier.

Don’t worry. No body will hear it. It is all between you and your unconscious mind.

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