Find Inspiring Friends Today


We all want to be somebody and we all want to know those people who inspire us into thinking we can achieve greatness. The world truly is our oyster and we can do all things, but one of the greatest limitations or benefits is the people of whom we surround ourselves with.

Our friendships is the secret to our own personal success because they can inspire us to become the person we can possibly be or they can tear us down.

But how do you find these inspiring friends?

To begin with, you must look at the type of person you want to become. How do you want to define yourself in 50+ years and what kind of legacy do you want to leave? Do you want to be known for being a slacker and doing just enough to get by or possibly a cheap used car salesman who finds a way to sneak money from unsuspecting people?

Probably not.

I would say the majority of us would like to be known as someone who has made an impact on the world around us. We have led successful lives where our businesses flourished. Our family life is great and our kids are grown with good families and children of their own. We want to retire comfortably and be able to sit back in our rocking chair while staring at the sunset above our lakefront house.

This is the life that most of us would be happy with. We know that we made an impact on the world around us and we can rest assured that the a little piece of the world is a better place because of us….

If you want this type of life then you must seek out friends whom are trying to obtain these same things.

These people can be hard to find especially the younger that you are. Many young people assume that they can just waste away their days but eventually become the person that they dream about being. There is a good chance that eventually they might see a small piece of what their potential could have been, but there is also the equal amount of chance that they will never get there.

It is easy to say that you will straighten out your life eventually, but it is much harder to change your life for the better. You become so convinced that you are just a bad person and that you are doomed to failure. You’ve tried to do the right thing before but somehow it has washed up in your face. Every time before, you always walked back into your old ways. So who would say that this time will be different?

I don’t want you to think that these people are bad and you shouldn’t talk to them. This will lead you to become an arrogant and superficial person. I have many acquaintances and childhood friends whom I speak to regularly that are in these situations. I want to help them and encourage them to change their life around. I want to show them and be a positive inspiration in their life

but at the same time, I have to distance myself from them.

I cannot allow these people to negatively affect my life. I can hang out with them and talk to them, but I also need a closer group of friends whom I can share personal details of my life with and discuss the potentials and struggles I am going through. It is these individuals I consider my true friends as they understand how hard the commitment to stay on the right path can be.

If it is these people that you would like to befriend then they may be hard to find, but it is not difficult to befriend them. They are good people and enjoy making friends. You wouldn’t think that they are anything special but just the average individual walking around the street. They smile and say hi to you as you pass by on the street and have insecurities of their own.

In other words, it is easy to obtain inspiring friends.

It is just whether or not you have the desire to seek these everyday people who can inspire you into greatness.

Stephen Miracle is a pastor and a writer of Inspirational Thoughts on his inspirational blog

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