The Importance of Faith

Girl Praying

Girl Praying

We are so busy in our fast paced lives that faith is becoming a feeling that is slowly fading away from us. ‘Faith’ - means undeterred belief in something. Though it has religious or spiritual connotations, I am referring to it in the context of sheer belief. I would like to share how someone I know revived her faith.

This is the journey of a young woman, let’s call her Sara. Without going into the minutiae of her life, I will tell you about the journey of loss and later renewal of her faith. Sara was a single mother struggling to make ends meet and provide the best she could for her son. Somewhere in all the years of juggling and fighting her way out of all her problems she had lost faith in God, people and goodness. She was bitter and jaded from all that she went through.

Then she met someone that she thought was ‘The One for Her’. He was wonderful to her and her son. After a long time she was beginning to rediscover her emotional side. She thought her life was finally turning around for good. But, her happiness was not meant to last. He turned out to be something else, something that she had gotten away from years ago. She had invested her emotions and her son’s with this man and he abused the love they showered on him. The experience hit her hard. She felt like she had been thrown into the trenches of sorrow and betrayal. And in the process of overcoming the sorrow and pain, he had caused, she found faith.

Like an epiphany, enlightenment, or whatever you can call it, she realized that she had lost her faith and let herself sway. With that realization, she shrugged the bad memory off and decided that she would encounter life with renewed faith in goodness and God. She transformed her suffering into a celebration of renewed faith. In all this misfortune she saw the mini trinkets of fortune that were bestowed on her. She realized that in spite of what she had to go through, she avoided herself and her son greater pain in the future. She now faces everyday and every challenge with a smile and positive attitude, because she has faith. She is treading a new empowered path: the path of Faith – faith that good things can happen, faith in God, faith in people and faith that “Bad things happen for a Good reason”.

The lesson I learnt from her story is that: Life is full of ups and downs, we cannot change bad things from happening to us, but we have to hold onto our faith to be able to sail through the bad times, unscathed.

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