Five Reasons Why People Lose Their Spark

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

1. Disappointment with God
So many have a wrong understanding of God`s plan for us and we therefore become disappointed as a result. Their prayer life is full of unanswered requests and they fail to appreciate the wider aspect of this discipline, which is primarily about a relationship with Him. This involves both talking and listening and developing an intimate engagement with God through time spent with Him. The spark can be lost as frustration sets in, because our needs are not met. We see God as someone who should be providing all the time, instead of someone we can love and enjoy.

2. Upset in the Church
The church is meant to be a living expression of who God is and a place of support, blessing and growth. This is very often far from our experience as we battle with each other for position, value and recognition. We feel let down by leaders and others in the church who promise so much and deliver so little. Sometimes what we read in the Bible is such a contrast to what we see in the lives of those who share our faith. The can be spark lost as we struggle with feelings of being hurt, which often results in leaving the church and going it alone.

3. Testings, Trials and Tragedy
The difficulties we face in life cause much pain and unhappiness as we juggle with issues that challenge our faith. We want to be comfortable and major on the truths of joy, peace, fulfillment and completeness in Christ. We are bombarded with success driven literature and are taught to be inspired by those who are successful. Whilst none of these paths are wrong in themselves, we have got to embrace the other side of suffering and hardship. God uses these to shape our personality and the Bible is full of accounts of those who were heroes of the faith through much tribulation and thus entered the Kingdom of God. Our spark can be lost because we are looking through the wrong pair of glasses.

4. Lack of Spiritual Maintenance
Any machine, house or animal needs looking after if it is to function properly and perform to the best of it`s capabilities. Our lives are no different. It is amazing how many think they can run on empty and have a close encounter with their creator when little effort has been made. The Sunday service continues to be the highlight of the week and the main provision for our journey. A spiritual MOT is needed to find out what needs strengthening, repairing or replacing. The spark is lost when there`s nothing in the engine to feed the system, resulting in our lives grinding to a halt.

5. Influence of Unhealthy Factors
We are called as disciples to rub shoulders with many types of people and get involved with varied situations which may even be contrary to our beliefs. We can choose to stand alone and be isolated or infiltrate as we saw Jesus doing in weddings and funerals. The pressures to conform are enormous and it is a constant battle to get the balance correct. Some do, but others find themselves overwhelmed by the attraction, the lure and the excitement of the forbidden fruit. Our spark can be lost as these factors cover over our lives and starve us of air.

A great way of reviving that spark is to allow a fellow Christian to encourage and challenge you.

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