Is Knowledge Power?


We have all heard the term, “Knowledge Is Power.” The term in fact is very true, the more knowledge that you can acquire, the more you open yourself to opportunities that did not exist in your life. But there is one big problem with this power of knowledge.

The biggest problem with “Knowledge Is Power” is that many people are not using this power. The reality is that knowledge alone is not power. What good is it to have all the knowledge in the world if this knowledge is not applied in any way, shape or form?

A man or woman can have a million brilliant ideas floating around in their minds. There are some extremely creative people in the world, but something seems to happen to a lot of them when it comes to actually taking action. There is sort of a delay in the mind that they will someday get to it.

So what happens to those ideas? They get put on the back burner and more new ideas come to the surface because creative people are always thinking of new things, so the old ideas are washed away.

This is a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over again and nothing ever gets accomplished. The ideas are there and many of them are brilliant indeed, but if the knowledge one has acquired is not applied, then knowledge is wasted.

Maybe we should rethink the term and begin saying, “Applied Knowledge is Power.

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