Shine Out Your Idea


Shine out your ideal before it fizzles out of existence; make it real brighten out to your world. Had a bright idea lately? Great! Your amazing mind is doing just fine. However, here’s the question that makes the difference between a bright idea that grows dim and a bright idea that shines. After you got the idea, what did you do next? And that’s the question that really counts because the answer determines whether your idea will sparkle in the daylight or disappear from your internal field of vision.

If you want your idea to shine, you will have to do something with it. I’ve designed a simple, yet powerful technique that jump starts your mind and helps you get started turning that bring idea into a shining success. Let your mind make a picture of your idea in finished form. Then step into that picture and see what happens. Does this strike you as a new application of an old idea? It should! Actually, you have already done this more than you realize. We do this almost every time we plan a party or vacation.

Unconsciously, the imagination makes a mental image and we “step into” this picture. In our mind’s eye, the scenes of our intended event flash before us. Without realizing it, we explore possibilities with inner dialogs like “What if I do this or that? What if I make this different? What if I change that?”

I’ve discovered that this is the first thing to do with your idea. Let it suggest images and let those images flash across your mind’s eye. Use these initial moments to explore possibilities and try out exciting options. And since you’ve made a good start, keep going!..

Here’s my simple technique that will help you make a few simple alterations and energize your mind to transform the imagined situation into a real one. Take a deep breath. Elevate your gaze as if looking at an imaginary point just above a distant horizon. Call to mind your bright idea. Let your imagination form a mental picture that represents the ultimate successful result of your bright idea. See this scene as if through your own eyes. How does this scene look as you perceive it from just behind your eyes? Make this “bright idea” image brighter as if you just turned on several powerful lights. Sharpen the focus and allow the colors to become more vivid.

Now move the image closer in your mental field of vision as if you just moved up several rows in a movie theater. Add the sounds and sensations you might hear and feel as you see this image in real time. Notice how this enhanced image radiates emotional power and impact. And notice how this image affects you and how it generates enthusiasm. While holding on to this feeling, get into action!

Your bright idea is now a bright idea with emotional impact. Use this emotional impact as a springboard to action.

And do it now! Otherwise, your idea won’t see the light of day.

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