“Think and Grow Rich” Success


In the world famous book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill studied the attitudes and traits of the most successful people of his time. The principles of success which Hill pointed out in his work are still as important today as they were when they were first written.

Anyone can apply the principles outlined in Think and Grow Rich to his or her own benefit. The simple truth is that while everyone would love to achieve great successes in life, most people are reluctant to make the changes in attitude needed to accomplish them. Following are a few of the steps outlined in Think and Grow Rich which help alter unconstructive attitudes and aid in focusing our efforts on obtaining important goals.

Have a specific objective in mind and state this clearly. If your objective is to obtain financial independence, determine an exact figure that is needed to reach that goal. Be definite, be clear and be specific. Many people are vague about their personal goals. Having a goal to be “happy” or to be “wealthy” simply isn’t specific enough. Take the time to work out what these notions actually consist of, make lists and build a clear picture of what these goals actually look like in real life.

Decide now what you plan to give or sacrifice in return for reaching your goal. Is it time? Is it effort? How much does the goal mean to you? How long are you willing to work at achieving it? Most people fail because they don’t act, or they aren’t willing to act. Being determined to act on achieving a goal is what separates the successful from the mediocre.

Have a clear date established that you intend to reach your goal. Again, being vague about reaching your goals serves no purpose, “sometime in the future” is not an acceptable answer. Have faith that you will reach your goal at a set time and make every effort required to do so.

Formulate a plan for reaching your goal. Act on your plan immediately, even if you don’t feel that you are perfectly ready. Remember, acting on your objective is what sets you apart from 95% of the people in the world, they dream while you act. What actions do you need to carry out in order to reach your goals? What steps do you need to take? Again, be clear and specific.

Write it all down, your goal, the time that you plan to reach it, the actions needed to achieve it and what sacrifices you are willing to make in order to obtain it. Refer to what you have written on a regular basis, remind yourself of the goal, read it out loud to yourself at least three times a week until your goal is reached. This simple step helps to reinforce your faith in what you are doing, don’t overlook or undervalue this action.

These simple steps are some of the most important processes required to successfully achieve your goals. With time, following these steps helps to adjust your mindset; you will become more confident, more focused, and much more likely to reach further success.

Jeff Palmer is the Internet Marketing Manager for Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Academy

Motivation – Keeping Your Visions Visual Will Keep You Focused on Your Business Goals


As an entrepreneur, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur, it is often easy to lose sight of your visions and goals for your business. You get hung up on the day to day running of your business and it is easy to become complacent or static.

One of the best investments you can make in your success is a simple whiteboard. Hang it where you will see it on a daily basis. The wall by your desk is a perfect place. Use the whiteboard to map out your goals and your vision for your business. Chart out both your long-term and short-term goals. Add to that your daily tasks that you will update every day.

By keeping your daily goals on the same whiteboard as your long-term goals, you are forced to visit those goals every day. You would be surprised at just how focused this can keep you on the “big picture”. It will also help you map out your tasks so that you are always moving forward.

When you are planning your daily tasks, you are more likely to include one step per day that will take you closer to your larger goals if it is there in front of you as a reminder. This also has an amazing way of helping you eliminate the unimportant tasks that sometimes clutter up your day.

Keep your visions visual and you will achieve your goals at a much more rapid pace than you ever imagined. Make an appointment with yourself once per month to update your longer-term goals and track your progress.

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Optimism Must Start With You!


Leave Your Pessimism and Everybody Else’s At the Door
Pessimism is rampant. We are not receiving uplifting news. I remember hearing a high level Senator say recently that we ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs today. What? We ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs! How is that something to be happy about?

This is the pessimistic attitude! I mean, yes, that is better than losing 50,000 jobs; but how can any loss be considered good news? If that news makes the people that are supposed to be fixing things happy; we need new people doing the repairs. It is either get new people or YOU can say enough is enough. Personally, I have had enough! I am tired of the bickering, infighting, and negativity. I am so tired, in fact, that I am going to do my best to ignore what is happening and focus on what I can do.

Optimism Must Start With You!
Some people just naturally exude optimism. For some it is easy to be optimistic, for others however, optimism comes very hard, if at all. If you step back and look at those where success appears to come easily you will find that optimism plays a key part.

Optimism rubs off on those around the optimist and when the optimist is in their presence they feel better. They may not know how to explain it, but they know and recognize the feeling.

Optimism attracts not only people; it also attracts opportunities. Optimism is a state of mind that you can control. It is your choice as to whether you want to be an optimist or a pessimist. Regardless of which ever one dominates your mindset; the associated result will follow. It is as easy to be an optimist as it is to be a pessimist; your choice is what do you want to attract?

Optimism and the Unemployed
I work, in a volunteer capacity, with the unemployed and underemployed and one of the things that I hear repeatedly is the “Thank You” for being optimistic. From the sounds of that; I am not the only one that is tired of the rampant pessimism. The worst part is that the ones that are thanking me are the ones that have the most right to feel pessimistic; they are, what have come to be known as, chronically unemployed.

The other thing I hear is: they are telling me that all that I say is well and good, but after 10 months of unemployment they are not seeing anything positive on the horizon. This is a sad indictment of the situation, but it is also indicative of someone that has given up and lost hope. Unfortunately there are many that fall into that category; as reported in the monthly labor statistics as those that have stopped looking for employment.

Maintaining Optimism In The Worst Job Market In Recent History
This is the worst job market that anyone working today can remember. No one has ever seen unemployment in the United States at these levels. People are bantering about the term “jobless recovery” meaning the economy recovers, it just does not create any new jobs in the process. The reality is that you cannot give up! You have to keep pushing on.

You Have To Stop Waiting for Someone Else To Give You Hope!
At the current time the optimistic people know that they must look inside to themselves. They realize that waiting for someone is a fruitless process that only leads to massive frustration. The pessimistic, however, continue to wait for someone to come along and reassure them; someone to solve their problems. That is simply not realistic that person does not exist!

We have been almost two years waiting for that person to come along and from what I am seeing, that person or those people are nowhere in sight. The true opportunities today lie in your individual initiative and desire to move forward. Regardless of the setbacks you have faced you cannot lose your motivation to move forward.

You Have To Stop Waiting For Things To Return To Normal
Many of the unemployed and under employed are waiting for things to return to how they were. They are waiting for their industries and jobs to rebound.

The reality is that in many cases there will not be a return to what is perceived to be “normal”; instead there is a new definition of “normal”. Many of the jobs that disappeared are simply GONE! If yours was one of those, that is unfortunate, but you must face reality and move on. Those jobs are not coming back.

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The Foundations of a Healthy Mind


We all understand how we get a healthy body, don’t we? We know we need to make sure to eat healthily, exercise regularly and cut down on bad habits such as drinking and smoking; however, building a healthy mind is less understood. Furthermore, many people do not even consider the importance of having a healthy mind. Since there is so much confusion about healthy and unhealthy minds, let’s try and clarify this.

First of all, having an unhealthy mind does not mean you like to watch horror films or play violent computer games, but it does mean taking a healthy interest in life, habit and behaviour. The sign of an unhealthy mind is seen in the least in self critical behaviour and in the most with clinical mental illness.

Just feeling sad from time to time is not a sign of being unhealthy, for that is part of being human. An unhealthy mind sees difficulty in everything and finds adapting to circumstance near enough impossible. If you have ever failed to do something because you feel that you are not good enough, you may have to loud an internal critic.

The different parts of our personality are organised in importance according to levels of self belief. So for instance,if you are lacking in confidence, the chances of you having a daring or risk taking personality are significantly reduced.

Many people think their personalities are set in stone with the ‘I was born that way’ expression being the popular refrain. Yet the chances are you know someone who has achieved something that has changed their character forever, such as losing weight, gaining a qualification, having children or getting married. To say our personalities are set is stone is like saying we never change as we get older, and we know this is not true.

Yes, being human is all about accepting change while adapting to it accordingly. The foundations of a healthy mind are those built on an acceptance of change on the one hand; and a desire to maximise as much benefit from it on the other. In the example of someone who manages to lose weight, we thought about the possible changes to that person’s character. The chances are that individual will become more confident, feel more attractive and have the courage to learn new skills. The physical act of losing weight will have had a real time effect on their mental health. Of course, in this example, the change is one that the individual desired and prepared for.

How can we have a healthy mind when there are so many random, difficult events that can happen in our lives? I mean we can’t change what happens to us, right? Well, a healthy mind is one that is capable of adapting to change and events that are good or bad. You see the individual who is healthy and happy is best placed to cope with any eventuality. Having high morale means being able to take the rough with the smooth. A healthy mind is a resilient mind. You may not be able to change the things that happen to you, but you can affect your response to them.

Never underestimate the power of your own mind to deal with the bad things that happen in life. An unhealthy mind thinks in patterns of negativity and self critique; whereas a healthy mind is ingrained in a pattern of positive attitude and self affirmation.

There are various ways you can increase your mental strength. I am not saying you can learn to bend spoons here, but I am saying you can develop mental fortitude. So long as you are willing to put the work in, a strong and healthy mind is within the reach of everyone. This will help you to cope with stress, keep anxiety at bay and be more well rounded in your personal life. One of the best ways to increase you levels of resilience is through insight.

When something that makes you feel bad happens then ask: What happened? How did it affect you? Why did other people behave the way they did? How do you feel about it? What other factors were part of what happened? People who ask themselves penetrating questions and give honest answers tend to bounce back more quickly.

Many years of struggle to overcome negative thought patterns and achieve success in personal and financial life has opened my mind to others in the same or similar situations, too many of us have spent to long in the success wilderness. Take a look at what is on offer and remember to get your no cost package of amazing tools to assist you.
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When Opportunity Knocks – What Will You Do?


Are you ready for the moment opportunity comes knocking at your door? Will you be prepared to take full advantage of such a gem?

The truth is that most individuals completely miss the boat on the concept of opportunity. This is largely because we are conditioned to believe that opportunities are created separate from us and that we have nothing to do with the ones we receive.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I have said many times and this principle exists and operates in our lives whether we believe it or not…

We are where we are and have what we have because of the choices we have made.

In this vein, asking whether you’ll be prepared or ready for when opportunity knocks at your door is totally irrelevant. Opportunities are not out there somewhere playing rock-paper-scissors trying to decide which door they will knock on next. It simply doesn’t work that way.

Ever heard the phrase, “The future belongs to those who seize the day.”? Well that is the principle of Opportunity at its finest. You see, opportunities are universal principles that merely exist and operate in our lives no matter what.

The difference to those who receive or take advantaged of opportunities and those who don’t is mindset.

The majority of individuals are almost never prepared for opportunities because they are waiting for things to happen rather than making them happen – they are reactive people.

There are the few though who realize that opportunities are created by the things you make happen – they are proactive people. They understand that opportunities only appear when you are prepared – when you are making things happen in your world that affects change in your life and the lives of others.

You see, each day you exist on this plain, there is an infinite pool of opportunities that you can capitalize on. You only need be prepared and open to recognizing them. You must believe in endless possibilities – the inexhaustible river of choices.

Opportunities come to those who create them through their choices and actions. There is no such thing as sitting around and waiting for opportunities to show up in your life. Quite frankly, if you can’t even make one thing happen in your life, how would you handle an opportunity that showed up at your door unannounced?

The fact is that individuals who capitalize on opportunities are not given anything; rather they created them. The idea that opportunities have to show up in your life without you lifting a finger is an illusion. Certainly, some opportunities come to you by way of other people’s choices BUT, this is the reason you have so many wasted opportunities.

When someone else presents and opportunity to another, nothing will happen unless the recipient is truly ready and prepared because of the choices they have made. And even if the person capitalizes on the immediate gratification of the opportunity given – the long term impact will wane quickly.

Think of it this way…

If a man receives a fish, he will eat for a day; however, if he learns how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.

The bottom line is that you will be unable to hear opportunity knocking unless you are truly prepared to take advantaged of it. Opportunities come to those who expect them because they’ve planned and prepared for them.

In fact, truly successful individuals don’t ever have to wait or listen for opportunity to knock on their door – they are constantly in hot pursuit and opportunities don’t stand a chance against them. They see each and every single day as a plethora of opportunities waiting to be had. These individuals find opportunity in every thing and every where. Every step back is an opportunity to lean something new; there are no failures – only opportunities to learn and grow.

When you view the world from this standpoint – all you see are possibilities – opportunities.

So, the next time opportunity has to come knocking at your door – chances are you won’t be truly ready for it and you’ll miss the boat.

When opportunity knocks – it’s tool late.

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Our Conscious and Subconscious Mind


Have you tried to change a bad habit, or try to motivate yourself, only to find out something deep inside your mind resisting? A basic law of the mind is working here: whenever the conscious and subconscious mind is at odds, your subconscious usually wins. This is the law of conflict.

People usually change their habits through will power or through self-discipline. While they do work in some cases, most of us fail miserably. Logic works well with the conscious mind, but it often does not with the subconscious. Meditation or subconscious programming helps the subconscious mind. The conscious and subconscious mind displays different aspect of our mind.

Dynamic meditation is a simple process that most of us can do. It doesn’t cost much or require too much effort, yet the outcome is persuasive. It simply combines suggestion and imaginative visualization in a relaxed state of mind. The first thing to do is simply get to relax and imagine the desired traits or circumstance. This is combined with affirmation or suggestion constructed in present tense.

To understand how the conscious and subconscious mind works, first we must understand the 4 states of the mind. We are in what is called the beta state for almost all of our waking hours. Our mind radiates these waves when we think, reason or engaged in some problem solving. As our brain waves slow down, we enter what is called the alpha state of mind. The portal in our conscious and subconscious mind is opened. This allows access to memories and storing new information. This is also often regarded as meditative state, in which the mind and body become so relaxed. We are also at our most suggestible state.

Below the two types of conscious states is the theta, this is the dream state, and delta, which is basically us in deep sleep or unconscious. At alpha and theta state our words have extremely increased power. These are the two areas where controlled meditation is focused.

Why does controlled meditation work on the conscious and subconscious mind? There are six reasons as the Rules of The Mind as professed by the late Charles Tebbets.

First, every thought or idea causes a physical reaction. The mind has the capability to make you sick or keep you healthy. Ideas with a strong emotional component almost will reach the subconscious mind.

Second, what’s expected to happen tends to be realized. The brain and the entire nervous system responds only to mental images, whether self-induced or from the surroundings. The image formed becomes the template, and the conscious and subconscious mind carries out the thought.

Third, Imagination rules. Imagination overcomes knowledge when dealing with the mind. Ideas accompanied by a strong emotion state like anger or love cannot be modified through reason.

Fourth, Conflicting ideas cannot be kept simultaneously. Many people try to hold opposing ideas at the same time.

Fifth, Once an idea has been accepted by the conscious and subconscious mind, it will remain until another idea comes to fore. The longer an idea is held, the more it takes a hold of the mind. Forming into a habit or belief system.

Sixth, Emotionally induced sign tends to cause physical change if held onto long enough. We are a mind in a body and just like the conscious and subconscious mind the two cannot be separated.

This simple and safe process of controlled meditation combined with faith, hope, and passion, this allows for a healthier conscious and subconscious mind.

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The Psychological Component to Options Trading


Succeeding with options is not always the easiest thing to achieve. Sure, there are some that have made a great success in their ventures into the world of options trading. These people are among those that many will look towards as inspiration for their options trading adventures. Then, there will be those that will look towards these success stories for more than inspiration. They will look towards successful options traders as those to duplicate. Or, more accurately, they will try to duplicate the trading methods and strategies of the trader.

While it is certainly a wise thing to look towards the trading methods of a successful trader, duplicating the steps of the trader alone may not prove to be the best strategy. The reason for this is that there are other factors that go into the process of developing a trading strategy than just the execution of the trades. Personal factors will go into the development of a methodology. In some instances, there will be psychological factors that will be developed into the trading plans. Understanding such components is vital to exploring a trading method to make sure it is valuable to your goals.

Actually, it would not hurt to explore your own psychological factors and facets prior to looking seriously at trading. Now, some may assume such assessments are little more than ‘psycho-babble’ that seek to examine options trading from an over-analytical perspective. This may be the case in some instances but as a general explanation of what motivates people towards options trading, it is definitely not something you want to overlook. By having a clear understanding of your own psychological makeup, you can develop the proper insight into how to be effective in the art of trading.

Simply put, some people are more cut out for options trading than others. Those that are conservative in their investment strategies might wish to limit options trading to a smaller part of their overall portfolio. Those that can be considered quite aggressive in their approach may look towards possibly using options as a hedge to their portfolio. Again, your own personal psychological makeup regarding comfort levels of trading in essential in options. This will certainly help promote your ability to discover the proper answer to whether or not you are cut out for options trading.

How can you discover whether or not you have the mindset of an options trader? The first step involves honestly answering whether or not you are someone that possesses the discipline to be an options trader. Some may believe they have the discipline to succeed. However, believing you possess certain attributes to a specific degree and actually possessing those attributes to the proper degree are two completely different things. Knowing exactly where you stand in terms of your mindset and your levels of discipline will aid in boosting your chances of success. For example, someone who needs to keep fiddling with their account by buying and selling every few days isn’t someone who should be investing in options! The commissions alone will eat you up. Similarly someone who like a lot of excitement in their trading should probably stay away from options.

Having a quality options trading strategy is helpful. Putting the options trading strategy through to fruition is even more helpful. But, once again, there is a big difference in having the desire to follow such a process and actually following through with it. Those that are able to follow through with such steps may be limited in number. No, that is not said as a means of undermining anyone’s motivation, morale, or desire. Rather, it is meant as a way of properly forecasting the management of your venture and assessing the risk of getting involved with options trading. You also need a plan for when the market goes against your strategy, so that you don’t make decisions because you’re panicking.

Yes, trading in options needs to be looked from the perspective of managing a small business. When operating a small business, you need to assess the risk associated with a venture. You also need to assess the risks and potentials associated with the success or failure of the business. This same ideology needs to be put towards options trading. If you can honestly assess yourself as someone with the self discipline to follow through with a reliable options trading strategy, then you may very well be extremely successful with options trading.

Also, how well can you handle losing trades? Are you able to handle losses and pick things up and start the process over again? If you are then you may very well embody the proper psychological makeup for succeeding with options trading. Those that cannot handle the pressure of the occasional loss would be better served looking towards another investing strategy.

It has been said success starts with the right mental makeup. If you can adapt your mindset to your psychological approach to trading, you may find success is not as elusive as you think.

Dr. Paul Watson is an avid investor in both stocks and options. If you’re interested in learning a very profitable options trading strategy, then visit him at http://www.OptionsProSystem.com

Stop Apologizing For Your Success


Do you often apologize for the fact that you’re successful in something? You should try to establish why. We all have an inborn the drive to succeed – and on a planet with around six billion people, the odds of being successful in anything are quite stacked. If you are successful, you have every reason to be proud about it. Success is certainly not something you should have to apologize for.

Humans are not created equal on all counts. We all have different capacities, purposes, opportunities and risk appetites. We also tend to have vastly different goals, styles of learning and outlooks in life. If we manage to excel in something, it is because we have found a winning formula and applied effort where others have not. This is always a commendable state of affairs.

With so many human beings living on the face of the earth, it stands to reason that there will be many differences in how we define success. Nevertheless, it is usually assumed that success means attaining a certain level of fame and prosperity. These are the very things that you may have gained and are now apologetic for.

You may think that you succeeded because you had an ‘unfair’ advantage over others. This is, in fact, true – you did, because you had it in you to set your mind to succeed. You had the drive and desire to reach your goals. You made plans to put yourself in circumstances which would lead up to your vision of success. You did not throw in the towel where many others did, and you were not intimidated by the odds.

Factoring in that it takes such attributes to succeed, it stands to reason that not each of six billion people can be successful. The simple fact is that a great number of people deny themselves success because they fear it. They actually choose not to succeed.

They fear the struggle, and maybe even the fact that it tends to be lonely at the top. Also, they fear the imagined loss of choices that success purportedly brings with it. They believe that they will forever be struggling to maintain their position once they have attained success.

Unfortunately, even those who succeed feel that they may not be able to maintain their position for long. They apologize for their accomplishments so that they have an easy exit route when the going gets too rough. If you find that you do this, you must understand that succeeding also means the freedom to make your own choices. In other words, you can decide your own comfort levels in terms of commitment.

In short, stop apologizing for your success. You have reached a level of pre-eminence because you deserved it. Rejoice quietly, enjoy the fruits and do not concern yourself overly with those who did not put in as much as you did. To further safeguard against guilt, give some of the fruits back to society by making contributions of time, money or expertise where they can make a difference.

And finally, do not let success give you a bloated sense of self. Retain the principles that brought you to where you are and maintain your humility and integrity – but never apologize for your accomplishments.

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