A Simple Act of Courage



Remember when we were kids and nothing was impossible to imagine or to do? We dreamed of being a doctor, fireman, police officer. What was your “not-so-impossible-dream?” Is it still here with you?

Now that we are all grown up and life is no longer as simplistic as we used to see from a child’s eyes, have you abandoned those dreams you had? Have you been scared by the so-called “realities of life”?

Did you know that you can create your own reality and live the life you have always wanted…instead of the life someone else has planned for you? Being all grown up does not mean you have to throw up your hands in defeat and give up whatever dreams you had.

All it really takes is a simple act of courage to get your dreams back on track…to start dreaming again like you used to when you were a happy, no-care-in the-world-kid. What happened to those times?

Are you right now too afraid to look into that home business dream you always wanted to make a reality? Do you have those voices that are telling you that your dream is impossible? Are you listening to those voices?

You can drown out those negative voice with a simple act of courage. If you do that, those voice will simply cower in the face of the “you-can-do-it-voice”. That positive, courageous voice that reminds you of your childhood dreams that made you feel alive and rambunctious!

When you begin to feel that you cannot do it, just remember the simple act of courage of one brave woman in America history. A woman who refused to give up a seat that she was sitting in, because she was exhausted,after a hard day’s work. She was asked to give up her seat because they told her she did not deserve to be in that seat. She refused. This simple act of courage put the Civil Rights Movement in full gear.

That woman was Ms. Rosa Parks. Because of her simple act of courage, America is better for it today. What is your simple act of courage? Finishing that book you started? Or is it finally doing that video you have been putting off? How about finally starting that home business you have been investigating?

Whatever it may be for you, all you really need to make it happen and have it become a reality…is JUST A SIMPLE ACT OF COURAGE. Just like Rosa Parks.

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