Another Way to Look at Our Life

Green Path

“What is life?” “Why are we here?” These questions had been asked since the beginning of human history. Today, we still ask the same question why we are here. I know there is going to be different answer from all over the world. Try to find a universal unique answer for this complex question is highly unlikely. Albert Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” If we stand in the same location where the problem resides, we will never be able to see the problem clearly and find the effective solution. So how do we solve the problem then? We have to see it differently, think it differently.

In the mathematic world, the answer for a question is correct or not is dependant on the “domain” you first defined. We can also say the correct answer for this “why are we here” is totally depend on how you define life. Have you ever thought of “Life” is no more than a collection of past memory. If you said my life is terrible, what you really mean is the past experience you had had been kept in our brain become a memory. Life is more than what you can remember, but only the parts you can remember are meaningful to you. If you have lost your memory due to an accident, then until one day you start to remember the past memory, those “good” or “bad” time really doesn’t mean anything in your current life. If you have a bad life or unsatisfied life, it only means you don’t have a good memory in the past. And we know past doesn’t equal future.

If you want to change your life from disappointment to satisfactory, then you need to do something “NOW”. The past had passed, you can’t change it, but you have the power to create in “NOW”. What you do now, will become your experience and your memory. Tomorrow, all these experience and memory become part of your life. So, what kind of the life you are dreaming for? Create it without hesitation, create it without fear. Living this way, you are going to love your LIFE very soon. Live consciously, design your life base on your dreams, not based on your unsatisfied past. That’s why we are here, that’s call living a life,

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