How to Do and Find Guided Imagery Exercises


Guided imagery exercises are a great way to tap into the powers of your mind. Using these exercises you can create a feeling of relaxation, increase your creativity, and even go to inner places that make you feel more protected, powerful, or wealthy, just to name a few possibilities.

2 Ways To Do Guided Imagery Exercises

One of the most common ways is to use a recording. You simply sit back and listen to the recording and let it take you to a more relaxed and positive place. In some cases recordings come with music or you can put on music you like in the background to accompany your journey.

Another way to do guided imagery is to read a script. This is a text with the inner journey written out. Reading a script can be very relaxing. You can pause while reading and let the words take you into your imagination.

What Makes The Best Guided Imagery?

The most important thing is you find something that works for you. This means trying a few of the free resources out there on the internet, downloading some free scripts for example, and seeing what you think.

In the case of imagery text it is helpful if the writing has the following qualities:

* It has an interesting writing style, evoking images and stories in my mind’s eye just by reading it

* It provides clear directions

* It has a novel approach in some way, elaborating and deepening one’s guided imagery journeys

Two ways of creating a novel approach can be creating a step-by-step process, each step building on the next in your imagination sequence; and incorporating mythology or a shamanic-style journey into the text or recording. These approaches can be very useful for focusing attention and imagination.

Guided imagery exercises are great to have on hand whether in a book or on audio recordings. They can be used for relaxation, stimulating imagination and solving problems, and are just plain enjoyable. Enjoy your inner journeys!

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