Increase Your Peace


Peace, Every day.

Everyday stresses, everyday. This is now the world of 8am to 6pm, the days of the 9-5 fading quickly into obscure parental references from days gone by like so many antiquated table manners. Is it really so long ago that an average American family ate meals together? At a dinner table? With homemade food? It may seem that the notion of family meals have lost touch with the new realities and demands of the new America. There is no time, no peace, no ability to slow down. What a gift it would be to have an outlet, a way to relax and leave the office at the office. The good news is that there is, and it’s called Yoga. Now stay with me here, Yoga isn’t all about eating Granola and driving a Prius. Its about peace and finding balance mentally, physically and emotionally. And better yet, it’s for everyone.

It is now a proven fact that Yoga not only will reduce blood pressure and levels of cortisol in the body, it has now been shown to reduce the chances of heart ailments, stroke and lowers your risk for diabetes. If it were a pharmaceutical, it would be making some corporate fat cat very rich indeed. The miracle of it is in the simplicity. Any age, body type, gender and persuasion can do one of the many forms of Yoga. Their is no special equipment vitally necessary to begin, nor is there a specific place or time when it must be done. Check with your Doctor to make sure that you are in no danger of a specific condition affecting your ability to exercises and you are ready. There is a reason why actors and actresses have been swearing by Yoga for years, professional athletes, CEO’s… they have all made the switch to Yoga.

To begin, there area variety of ways to dip your toe in the Yoga pool. Calling a Yoga center in your area and attending a class is a great way, but not the only way. Pick up a book, a DVD, even attachments for Wii game system… any of these will do just fine. Yoga is empowering and a FANTASTIC way to re-center your thoughts, and leave the stress behind. You can do it, that’s the beauty of it! ANYONE CAN DO IT! Learn basic posses, or body positions, or simply learn new breathing much or as little as you want to! Five minutes day, 2 hours a day, whatever time you have it is all good.

To learn more about Yoga and Meditation, we recommend that you visit your local library or follow this link to Buddha Peace, LLC. There you will find great introductory Yoga and Meditation products without the hassle of leaving your computer. Even better, most of our DVDs and instructional products are under $20.00, so for the price of a week at your local gym/meat market/bacteria farm you can have a better work out right where you are for a FRACTION of the price. Check it out! It will give you your life back. Remember that? Life?

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