Optimism Must Start With You!


Leave Your Pessimism and Everybody Else’s At the Door
Pessimism is rampant. We are not receiving uplifting news. I remember hearing a high level Senator say recently that we ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs today. What? We ONLY LOST 36,000 jobs! How is that something to be happy about?

This is the pessimistic attitude! I mean, yes, that is better than losing 50,000 jobs; but how can any loss be considered good news? If that news makes the people that are supposed to be fixing things happy; we need new people doing the repairs. It is either get new people or YOU can say enough is enough. Personally, I have had enough! I am tired of the bickering, infighting, and negativity. I am so tired, in fact, that I am going to do my best to ignore what is happening and focus on what I can do.

Optimism Must Start With You!
Some people just naturally exude optimism. For some it is easy to be optimistic, for others however, optimism comes very hard, if at all. If you step back and look at those where success appears to come easily you will find that optimism plays a key part.

Optimism rubs off on those around the optimist and when the optimist is in their presence they feel better. They may not know how to explain it, but they know and recognize the feeling.

Optimism attracts not only people; it also attracts opportunities. Optimism is a state of mind that you can control. It is your choice as to whether you want to be an optimist or a pessimist. Regardless of which ever one dominates your mindset; the associated result will follow. It is as easy to be an optimist as it is to be a pessimist; your choice is what do you want to attract?

Optimism and the Unemployed
I work, in a volunteer capacity, with the unemployed and underemployed and one of the things that I hear repeatedly is the “Thank You” for being optimistic. From the sounds of that; I am not the only one that is tired of the rampant pessimism. The worst part is that the ones that are thanking me are the ones that have the most right to feel pessimistic; they are, what have come to be known as, chronically unemployed.

The other thing I hear is: they are telling me that all that I say is well and good, but after 10 months of unemployment they are not seeing anything positive on the horizon. This is a sad indictment of the situation, but it is also indicative of someone that has given up and lost hope. Unfortunately there are many that fall into that category; as reported in the monthly labor statistics as those that have stopped looking for employment.

Maintaining Optimism In The Worst Job Market In Recent History
This is the worst job market that anyone working today can remember. No one has ever seen unemployment in the United States at these levels. People are bantering about the term “jobless recovery” meaning the economy recovers, it just does not create any new jobs in the process. The reality is that you cannot give up! You have to keep pushing on.

You Have To Stop Waiting for Someone Else To Give You Hope!
At the current time the optimistic people know that they must look inside to themselves. They realize that waiting for someone is a fruitless process that only leads to massive frustration. The pessimistic, however, continue to wait for someone to come along and reassure them; someone to solve their problems. That is simply not realistic that person does not exist!

We have been almost two years waiting for that person to come along and from what I am seeing, that person or those people are nowhere in sight. The true opportunities today lie in your individual initiative and desire to move forward. Regardless of the setbacks you have faced you cannot lose your motivation to move forward.

You Have To Stop Waiting For Things To Return To Normal
Many of the unemployed and under employed are waiting for things to return to how they were. They are waiting for their industries and jobs to rebound.

The reality is that in many cases there will not be a return to what is perceived to be “normal”; instead there is a new definition of “normal”. Many of the jobs that disappeared are simply GONE! If yours was one of those, that is unfortunate, but you must face reality and move on. Those jobs are not coming back.

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