Stress Reduce – The Triangle Way


We all have one problem in common – exposure to daily stress. Don’t give in to stress. Reduce it the triangle way.

Whether it’s stress in the family, finances, or lack of personal success, stress effects health and can lead to serious physical and mental health consequences.

Where is the worst place for stress? It depends – it’s either workplace or home. Neither should be a source of stress, but…

We are all living a dramatic economic downturn, which is a major cause of stress for many Americans. But do not despair. When impossible challenges appear, a job loss, a relationship gone sour, family issues, or financial disasters hit, there are simple and healthy ways to cope with stress.

The triangle is the most rigid structure known to man. It is impossible to bend a triangle out of shape, but it is easy to bend a line, or a square. Get the idea? Look at steel structures, like bridges – they’re full of triangles.

OK – another example. A three-legged stool will stand firm on any surface (smooth or irregular). A one-legged stool – a two – or a four legged stool – will rarely stand firm, will they! They either fall, or rock, unless the floor is perfectly flat.

What on earth is this all about?

It means you can’t face stress with a linear life that only thinks about work – work – more work. It’s just as bad to focus entirely on family – family – family. You need balance in your life – work, home, and play. This way, you can keep your feet firm on the ground.

Stress Reduce – The Triangle of Stress Coping Strategies

Here are three tips for coping with the challenging issues arising in troubled times:

1. Talk it over with a trusted friend: Never worry alone. Stay in touch with the people you can confide in and brainstorm solutions for your worries. A worry shared is a worry halved, so being isolated doesn’t help at all. You may decide to join a support group that can help you focus on solutions for your situation. It’s always good to share and hear what has worked for others. You will find others much worse off than you. They found solutions, and your problem may start to seem small by comparison.

2. Get the reality check: FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Brainstorming solutions is a great way to do a reality check. This will help steer you away from hopelessness that feeds more stress. Be sure you get all the facts. Worries are often based on misinformation – snippets of a bigger story – off the wall perceptions – on silly rumors, or mere gossip. You may be worrying about nothing, so get the information you need.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Too many people drown their sorrows in unhealthy behaviors like excessive eating, drinking alcohol, chemical dependence, or smoking. Some lose sleep – but it is vital to get enough sleep. Living right and getting regular physical exercise is the best foundation for being able to cope with stress.

You can reduce family and workplace stresses, if you follow these three simple and healthy ways of coping with stress. Number One is most important of all, talk it over with someone sensible who will listen. Just having someone to listen is often more than enough to help you reduce the stress.

You will feel more balanced if you can talk positively about what’s on your mind. Don’t dwell on the negative – that just makes matters worse.

If you need more help to calm down, then I find natural remedies are always best. You can stress reduce with natural remedies that help you to keep your cool without any nasty side effects. I am not a fan of synthetic pharmacy products. All too often they produce side-effects that are worse than the original problem.

We are surrounded by stress on all fronts nowadays. Don’t give in to stress. Reduce it with some simple measures that relieve the pressure. You can find more resources and solutions at

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