Assertiveness is Self-Love



There is so much pain and grief in personal life because people are not able to say “no”. You need to know your worth to be able to say “no”. When someone offers you a job you don’t really want, just say “no”, if you agree to do something you’re not excited about, you will be leading yourself to distress. Don’t let anybody talk you into doing something against your own will, that would be acting without love for yourself.

When you have self-love, you know you are infinite possibility, have great potential and do not let anybody diminish you. It simply can’t be done. Self-love is such a powerful tool – when you use it as a decision making criterion, you will never go wrong. In fact, loving another comes from being able to love yourself. And from loving yourself comes assertiveness. It’s easy to say “no” to a job you would hate or to a toxic person or anything that is bad for you, when you have self-love.

Love is such an incredible concept, feeling, emotion, you name it – but if your jar is not full, if you don’t fill yourself with love, there is nothing to give to others. So next time somebody is offering you something detrimental, be it a relationship, job, food, drink, situation, think “self-love”. When you say “no”, don’t feel sorry for disappointing them, be loving and be absolutely certain that your decision is right. Self-love is such a great guide to doing the right thing.

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