Squidoo and the Sucessful Internet Business

What is Squidoo?

It is a website through which you can build a page on a topic of your choice.

On it you can present your own ideas, suggestions and expertise.

It covers multiple topics like travel, games, entertainment, as well as serious topics. It can also provide references, inputs, summaries, etc. that can be of help in the topic.

These topics are covered by pages made by users. These pages are referred to as lenses. Which is an unusual way to refer to a page. The use of the word lens probably refers to the page containing information on a “focused” subject.

Parts of advertising revenue are given to the content creators, and some of it may also be given to charity.

Making money on Squidoo

The lenses are generate about $30 a month for lensmaster.

A real expert can generate many times that number by creating a blog, putting up simple Google adsense ads and some static content.

Google Slap!!!

Recently a drop has been noticed in the ranking for the lenses in Google’s search engine. The lab is trying to find its cause.

At this stage, the lab feels there are 3 potential causes :

1. Drop in lenses ranking is a result of a change in the method of indexing made by Google.

2. Google “slapped” a virtual penalty on the domain for reasons known only to Google.

3. Google is undergoing a re-indexing process that has resulted in unusual SERP rankings which
will re-assert themselves after the re-indexing has been completed.

Traffic Generation Strategy: Making Use of Squidoo

Squidoo resembles the site Myspace. It creates a lens that can be used for personal or business purposes.

It is easy and user-friendly so you do not have to be IT savvy. The lens you build can generate traffic.

A lens works in the same way as a blog. The main thing about a lens is that it is already integrated with web 2.0 features such as RSS, Tag and Ping and social bookmarking features such as faves and spurl.

Lens readers are alerted by RSS that you have updated your lens. Tag and Ping enable you to tag keywords that people use to come to your lens. Social bookmarking enables people to share sites with one another through networking.

It gives a lot of exposure to your lens which redirects to your website or blog the traffic received on your lens.

So you have to add modules first when you want to post something on your lens.

Every lens has its own rank.

To work your way up in Squidoo, you want to generate ‘stars ratings’ by other members, click through rates, lens updates and the people to go to your lens.

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