Stop Apologizing For Your Success


Do you often apologize for the fact that you’re successful in something? You should try to establish why. We all have an inborn the drive to succeed – and on a planet with around six billion people, the odds of being successful in anything are quite stacked. If you are successful, you have every reason to be proud about it. Success is certainly not something you should have to apologize for.

Humans are not created equal on all counts. We all have different capacities, purposes, opportunities and risk appetites. We also tend to have vastly different goals, styles of learning and outlooks in life. If we manage to excel in something, it is because we have found a winning formula and applied effort where others have not. This is always a commendable state of affairs.

With so many human beings living on the face of the earth, it stands to reason that there will be many differences in how we define success. Nevertheless, it is usually assumed that success means attaining a certain level of fame and prosperity. These are the very things that you may have gained and are now apologetic for.

You may think that you succeeded because you had an ‘unfair’ advantage over others. This is, in fact, true – you did, because you had it in you to set your mind to succeed. You had the drive and desire to reach your goals. You made plans to put yourself in circumstances which would lead up to your vision of success. You did not throw in the towel where many others did, and you were not intimidated by the odds.

Factoring in that it takes such attributes to succeed, it stands to reason that not each of six billion people can be successful. The simple fact is that a great number of people deny themselves success because they fear it. They actually choose not to succeed.

They fear the struggle, and maybe even the fact that it tends to be lonely at the top. Also, they fear the imagined loss of choices that success purportedly brings with it. They believe that they will forever be struggling to maintain their position once they have attained success.

Unfortunately, even those who succeed feel that they may not be able to maintain their position for long. They apologize for their accomplishments so that they have an easy exit route when the going gets too rough. If you find that you do this, you must understand that succeeding also means the freedom to make your own choices. In other words, you can decide your own comfort levels in terms of commitment.

In short, stop apologizing for your success. You have reached a level of pre-eminence because you deserved it. Rejoice quietly, enjoy the fruits and do not concern yourself overly with those who did not put in as much as you did. To further safeguard against guilt, give some of the fruits back to society by making contributions of time, money or expertise where they can make a difference.

And finally, do not let success give you a bloated sense of self. Retain the principles that brought you to where you are and maintain your humility and integrity – but never apologize for your accomplishments.

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