Ultimate Sales Sucess Means Thinking

In every job, business or marketplace, sales success is the ultimate aim. Without sales, everything stops including your job or business, so you had better make sure you find out the secrets of the few great sales people out there and model yourself around them. These top sales performers know what “really” works as opposed to just teaching theory and never being in the trenches or have the sales battle scars from their mistakes in the past.

As they say to understand where others are, you need to walk a mile in their shoes, in my case I’ve walked 15 years in the shoes of salespeople. I’ve door knocked to sell everything from business printing, computer systems, network marketing and many many others. I’ve been an in store sales person for inbound leads, as well as doing showroom sales.

The one stigma that a lot of commission based sales roles involve is that of hungry salespeople who do “whatever they can” to get a sale. And while this may not be the case for the majority of sales staff these days, it used to be very common once upon a time. Ranging from little white lies right through to blatant mis-information being given by salespeople just to close a deal… Is your career or business really worth selling your soul for? I didn’t think so, and I’m very glad most people feel that way also.

As a sales coach for salespeople, business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs in every conceivable industry I can tell you that there is an air of honesty wanting to come out, but because we “need sales” to stay in a job or in business we can sometimes take on the role of someone else when selling. This new demeanour that we have makes us feel very uncomfortable, but there isn’t any other way… Is there?

I should have been given the crown for trying to workout ways to “come back” from sales rebuttals and knock backs, and yes I was a monster who chased prospects with cold calls, inbound leads and also those who come into my showroom and wouldn’t buy “right away,” by getting every bit of information and details I could get from running “Supposed” surveys which was really a front for finding details on them so I could sell to them later.

The one thing that was going on was, I was squashing any chance I had at ever having them be my client. I only had one agenda in mind, “my own,” I didn’t care whether they were in the position to buy or not because I was blinded by having to make my sales quota, does this sound familiar to you?

Over time I realized by the mistakes that I had made, and I went from being a pushy sales person who didn’t make many sales, to a completely passive and nice sales person who made hardly any sales, and hence I was laid off from one of my sales jobs after 2 long years of just scraping in my sales budget goals.

I was centred enough in myself and the universe that this had happened for a reason, I just didn’t know why at that point. Little did I know that after 2 weeks of taking a spell off, I walked into yet another sales rep job, but this time I come across a program that I never knew would change my life forever.

By luck I found a program that taught a whole new sales mindset online, one that myself and many others hadn’t heard about. I had nothing to lose by purchasing the program and after purchasing the program here in Australia, I had a call to me personally from California to thank me 5 minutes after, I was really blown away.

What I learnt from my new found mentor and program and the new sales mindset, was nothing short of amazing, I was able to be myself, a nice, mild mannered person, yet at the same time be authentic in my sales approach and this “really built trust” in a genuine way, and people knew it.

Soon I was experiencing people calling me from months before when I’d called on them, they told me they remembered me that I’d called them before and I stood out in how I spoke to them about solving their problems and not just trying to solve mine as a salesman with a monthly quota to make.

About 2 years after using the program with amazing breakthroughs, I was fortunate enough to become a sales coach for that same program working alongside the founder in Sydney Australia.

My education that I recieved from those following 3 years of working with him, took me to depths of understanding sales that I never knew possible. I learnt about internet marketing strategies that are such top secret that people pay now pay tens of thousands of dollars a day to learn, it was indeed what I refer to as a “Multi Million Dollar” education and experience.

To this day I’m very good friends with the founder, visiting him on a regular basis, even though I’m not coaching for him as much any longer due to my own business commitments. But I can assure you, if you want sales success, take this one piece of advice from someone who’s walked the walk as a sales person, talks the talk as a client of an exemplary program and a sales coach who’s helped thousands of people ranging from one man, start up businesses, through to national sales managers for major retail chains in the US, UK and Australia.

Your sales success doesn’t just lie in how to make cold calls and no program should just teach that, it should teach you the entire process of building trust and connecting with someone, through to having them decide to buy (so you don’t have to close or push any more).

That’s my formula for sales success and it can be yours too. I sincerely hope you have massive sales success in your career, and abundant happiness in your life and relationships.

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Adam Price is a professional online business networker, sales trainer and author around effective referral networking & internet marketing. Learn how tap into the powerful online world of networking by visiting: http://www.Law-Of-Attraction-And-Success.com/SalesSuccess.html

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