Why Don’t We Fail If it Brings Success?



Everybody including me does not like to fail at anything. We all want to be the best. We all want to be successful. We don’t like failure, yet we like the opposite. This may seem confusing but there’s a saying that I like.

“Those who’ve never meet failure are those who’ve never done anything.”

Failure and success is the closest brother to each other. The greater the achievement, the greater the failure you must face. Let’s me give you some examples. Edison, who invented light bulb, had failed ten thousands times in his experiment to create light bulb. But it was worth it. His invention has transformed the world to another age. Colonel Harland Sander, the founder of KFC, was rejected 1,009 times in his quest to establish the franchise. Today, it’s one the most well-known franchise in the world.

“The only people who have no problems are dead people.”

I was so afraid of failure that I was not able to achieve anything in life. Every time, I have some good idea, I would fear that it’ll fail. I would only think of the obstacles. I was not able to do anything. When I’ve heard the above sentences, I realized that I would not able to do anything for the rest of my life if nothing change. Since then, it is better try than regret for not doing it.

If you aim to achieve something great in your life, do not fear failure. Many of the most successful people claim that they’re not successful because of their luck or skill. They become successful because they’ve failed more than the others. If you’ve a dream, plan your work and work your plan. You’ll achieve it in no time.

True success does not lie in money nor educational degree but in yourself. Successful people are people who grow from inside, grow by self-development. Visit my blog, http://www.preeda.net, if you want to learn more.

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